I’m a single parent (currently) of 18th y.o daughter, an Internet Marketer and have been blessed enough to earn a living online since 2005. I found there’s nothing better than getting money from online business.

Rivermaya is my nickname, well I’m not trying hide anything except my real income sources and love life 🙂 — at least, I learn to less disclosure the last one–. I’m not a dog behind the scenes anyway, most of friends on Facebook knew me as well. Virtual world is something between real and unreal for me, so I’m comfortable with this.

I don’t mind people called me a geek anyway, but I’m also like other woman and mom, fashion, shopping (prefer online shopping), cook (oh well, my daughter will question it if she read this) and facial care are still on my to do list 😀

WordPress is my passion, I growth with it and never look other CMS to handle my works. Initially I worked for myself, but lately I’m so excited that Digital Marketing is something people needed in this era, so I decided to move to Jakarta from Jogjakarta in beginning of 2016, started a services for client and put new title on my job as Digital Marketing Campaigner.

That’s all about me, if you so curious, if not it doesn’t matter 🙂