Tips on Buying Expired Domains

Tips on Buying Expired Domains

If you already know about the these metrics that I’m going to talk about below, then you can ignore this :). However, if you have ever still had questions on what different metrics mean, dig in!

The first question people ask is “How do I know which domain to buy?” There are so many spammy domains out there with high domain authority, which people have purchased expensively, just to find out that the domain was worthless. That led to this post where help you know what to look at before you buy a domain.

I am going to answer these frequently asking questions:

  • Why do I need to know about these metrics?
  • How do I evaluate an expired domain? What price should I pay?
  • How do I know whether an expired domain is a scam?
  • How do I know that the domain authority (or any other metric) is not going to drop after I purchase the domain?
  • What metrics should I be looking at?

Moz Domain Authority that usually people use to filter, while others use Majestic Trust Flow. However, one thing that you need to know is that every single metric can be manipulated. It is easier to manipulate some metrics (DA) and tougher to manipulate others (TF), but relying on a single metric is a fallacy.

Below I will list various metrics to look at. While looking at these domain metrics, if any of the values seem strange, you should either discard the domain or look deeper into the back link profile and research further.
1. Domain Age (Age ain’t just a number here)
Search engines prefer older domains since older domains are more trustworthy. If the expired domain has not been dropped, it could retain its age in the eyes of the search engines.

There are three “ages” that we must consider, which are :
The domain age from the WhoIs details. This basically counts from when the domain was last registered. If a domain drops this number is often reset.
The domain age from Wayback Archive. This counts the age from the first date that the Wayback Archive crawled the website. If a domain did not have a website, then this age might be much smaller than the WhoIs age.
The website age from Wayback Archive. This counts the age of the last website that was put on the domain. This is very useful number to know whether the domain was regularly used.

  • Look for domains that are a few years older, since it generally takes a while to amass enough authority, but don’t fret if the domain is not decades old.

2. Moz Metrics (Slow death of the best?)
Domain Authority (DA) is a metric between 0 and 100 that predicts how well a website will perform in SERPs. DA can be used to compare one domain against another. Page Authority (PA) is a metric that denotes the chance of a specific page to rank in the SERPs. This is similar to the DA for the domain – however it is a metric for the home page of the website. In an ideal situation these two values should be very similar to each other.
DA/PA tend to be very popular metrics to gauge the value of a domain. Unfortunately they are also extremely easy to manipulate. For some reason, the other Moz metrics like Moz Rank and Trust Rank that are equally good, have not found popularity with domainers.

  • Look for domains with a DA greater than 30. Good domains tend to have at least that much.

3. Majestic Metrics (My Favorites!)
Trust Flow and Citation Flow have gained in popularity over the last few years. While the Citation Flow is a measure like Page Rank and is very easy to manipulate, the Trust Flow is a much tougher metric to manipulate and has therefore become the default metric that is looked at first.
However, an even better metric that is harder to manipulate is the ratio between the Trust Flow and Citation Flow. Most real domains will have a TF/CF of slightly more than 1, while scammy domains have a ratio much below 1.

Another really great metric provided by Majestic is the Topical Trust Flow Category. This shows information about the niche that the back links to the domain are from. Real domains tend to have back links from only one top-level niche, while spammy domains have back links from different niches.

  • It is virtually impossible to manipulate the combination of TF/CF ratio, Topical Categories and Trust Flow. With these three numbers you can filter out most of the fake domains.

4. SEMrush Metrics (These are useful)
SEMrush provides SERP data for domains. This data essentially tells you if the domain currently ranks for any keywords and is a good estimator of the traffic you can expect from it. They offer the number of keywords, monthly organic traffic volume and cost (based on keyword CPC and volume)

  • The cost of traffic definitely helps justify the value of the domain. However, run a few keyword queries on Google to check up if the SEMrush data is accurate.

5. SimilarWeb Metrics
SimilarWeb provides metrics for domain traffic and its rank compared to other domains in the world, and in its niche. While the traffic numbers might be a little off, it is a great way to compare between two domains.

  • I prefer SimilarWeb Rank to Alexa Rank in comparing between various domains.

6. Compete Metrics (only for the US)
Compete provides the approximate number of U.S. visitors to the top million web sites. They compute this data directly from ISPs and application service providers.

  • If you are looking for US based traffic the Compete traffic data is worth looking at.

7. Alexa Metrics (overrated!)
Alexa maintains ranking data on all websites in the world. The ranking algorithm is based on the total amount of traffic over the last three months. They take data from a sample population and build the rankings off that.

The rankings are not accurate enough as the sample population is biased (data is taken mostly from those with the toolbar installed). Also they can be easily manipulated by increasing the number of visits to a domain after installing the toolbar. However, since Alexa rankings have been there for a long time, they are quite popular among users.

  • Do not take the ranking and traffic seriously. The ranking is a nice number to have, but not something to solely base your purchase price on.

8. Back Link Data (This is everything)
Back links determine the equity passed to the domain and therefore checking the back links to a domain is paramount in determining its true value. However mere back link counts are not enough. Many domains will have loads of back links that will disappear soon after you purchase them. The trick is to find out which back links look like they will stay once the domain has been purchased.

You can check the back links from Google, Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs. Google would obviously be our first choice. However, Google does not show very accurate data on the back links. Sometimes it may show no links at all. Therefore, although you ought give higher priority to the links you find through the Google link operator, you should also check the back links from Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs. Ideally you should do a check using all three.

To see the value of the back link you should check the following:

Does the link really exist? You need to visit the webpage that links to the domain and view the html source code (Right click -> View Source/View Page Source). Search for the link in the html code. If you are unable to find the html link or the link is a JavaScript link, then you should ignore this link and the rest of the steps.

Follow v/s No Follow – We need to check if the link allows the link equity to pass through to the domain. If the link has a rel=”nofollow” attribute, then this will not contribute to the link equity of the domain. It is still good to have the link – but this link should not be considered in the link equity calculation ahead.

Contextual Link – Is the link surrounded by many links or by text? If the link is surrounded by a lot of other links (like a blog roll) then it’s possible that entire set of links have been posted there in order to simply increase the link equity of the various domains. If the link is surrounded by text and is part of an article then the chances are that this link is genuine – which means that it will probably still exist six months after you have purchased the domain.

OutBound Links (OBL) – Check the total number of OBL on the page. A very large OBL would mean that the PR juice that would flow would be a very small fraction of the domain PR. Additionally, search engines categorize pages with 100 or more OBL as back link farms.

Website Category – Check whether the website seems to be part of the same category as the domain. If the domain seems like a blog about computers and the link is from a page about golf, this link may not be valuable.

  • This step is the most intensive step of the lot. Therefore, keep it as the last step after you have filtered the list based on other metrics.

9. Google Penalties (Beware of the animals!)
One important check to make is whether Google has indexed any pages from the domain. While some domains (namely in GoDaddy auctions) will have a single page indexed, you should be wary of domains that have zero pages indexed. This may be due to a manual or algorithmic penalty on the domain due to black hat seo tactics. It’s also possible that the domain expired a long time ago and the site has been completely de-indexed from Google.

  • If a domain is de-indexed, and there are no clear indications of black hat seo, you could register it and put up a single page website. Wait for a few weeks to see if it gets indexed. If the site does not get indexed within a few weeks, do not spend any more effort on it.

10. Domain industry/sector
Most often people buy expired domains for a specific industry or sector. It is therefore useful to know what kind of website existed on the domain before you purchase it. It could be a site that does not fit into the category or industry that you want. The best way to check this is to go to the WayBack Machine and check the different versions of the domain since it was first online. Also check the Topical Categories and see whether the links to the domain are from the same niche as shown on the Wayback machine.

  • Google gives contextual links more weight-age. If you are buying an expired domain for linking to your money site, then definitely look for a domain from the same sector/industry

11. Social Stats (Sharing is Caring?)
We do not know how much social sharing affects SEO and domain rankings. However, if a domain has been shared across multiple networks it might be a sign of legitimacy for the search engines. Of course, don’t get carried away by a domain that has a very large social count number, as these are extremely easy to fake.

  • Not all social networks are created equal. If your website is image heavy then Pinterest shares would be beneficial, if it’s business oriented then LinkedIn and so on.

Phew .. hard work to find “good” domain, isn’t it ? 🙂 .. Later, I will continue some related post. Hope it helps.

PS : Google has removed Page Rank from its toolbar. This means that all domain now shows up with Page Rank 0.  With this change, Page Rank is officially dead, thankfully 🙂

Why The People Who Love Us Hurt Us The Most


We may have gone over this thought in our head every time we had that break up. Every time our friend crushed us by back stabbing. Every time we forgave our jilted lover only to be cheated again. So many times yet we learn nothing. Why? Because we never have a Dialogue with ourselves Asking WHY does someone who love Us hurt us?

Let’s go back to when we were young, vibrant and waiting to experience Life. We made that One Best Friend who we thought will love us through thick and thin. And then, One fine day something happens and Snap – your Friendship is Over. You don’t know what you might have said or done that could be so agonizing that years built on trust, faith and innocence took only a second to break. You were the same Best friend who had always been there no matter what. Then, what changed?

Nothing. Period.

Here’s why:

You were not a Priority, you were Suitability.

All the while you thought that the foundation of your friendship was being built and this was the best friend you could fall back on – you were in fact, falling in the scheme of things. Someone who his/her parents loved, someone who would always be there to help with the homework, someone who would always give a listening ear, someone who was adored by the boyfriend/girlfriend, and lastly someone who Always kept the SECRETS. Always. So, either one day or gradually, your boy friend figured that you were no longer falling in the scheme of things, it was time to Move on. Without a word.


It may not seem a real reason but when you analyse your situation and look deeper, you surprisingly have the answers you never thought of. If your best friend had lost his/her parents while it was still time to hit the playground with Dad or accompany Mom to the grocery store – you can think ahead and assess that THAT was not a normal childhood. Given such circumstances, either your best friend had to shoulder a lot of responsibilities from a young age only to become a serious & mature person before time or didn’t care a damn about anything or anyone.

So, we come back to the same point – that while you thought you were undeniably the best of people this person has met, You were merely a source of joy. What your best friend had seen, toughened him/her up up to the point of either being Unbreakable or Breaking at the drop of a hat. Either case, you suffer the Aftermath.

Now, we come to a time in your life when you seek Love.

Love from the opposite sex. Unconditional, Passionate and Sizzling LOVE. For as long as you’ve known, everyone falls in and out of Love. Its time you experience it too. So, you meet someone you’re attracted to, start dating, fall in Love and are crazy about each other. And then one day, you get to know that your lover Cheated on you. You ask yourself all sorts of questions like Why me? Was I a sucker in bed? Was I bad looking? Yet, you don’t Ask yourself the real reasons.

Real reasons like the above ones. Real reasons like the below ones:

You’ve just met this person and you are already dreaming of marrying him/her. You jump the gun, try everything to impress this person and when you’re cheated on – you feel miserable. Look back at the start and you know that your expectations right from the beginning were unrealistic. When it was time to take it slow, you kept craving and begging for more. When it was time to understand what he/she is saying, you were building love castles in the air. When it was time to step back a little, you were suffocating this person with Love.Love.Love. And then before you know it – you received a smack in the face when he/she went around to have some fun. C’mon! What were you thinking?

Misplaced Identity.

More often than not, when you find THE ONE, your world revolves around this person. Little do you realize that this person eventually feels like he/she is going out with a finer version of the self. You think by doing this, you display the Ultimate selflessness and beat Romeo & Juliet at Love. But, think about it. Would you love someone who had no Identity except for Being Mr. X’s Love/Ms. X’s love? No. Being individualistic, strong, independent and opinionated makes you desirable. Not frolicking around your Love as if you are a Pet.


Whether it’s your boy friend or lover- you have got to communicate your feelings. When we open the door of a dialogue – we open our hearts. Carrying the burden of unspoken words can take a toll on you. Instead of always telling this person you love them – why, how, always will and so on..Tell this person what you feel. Feel when you are rejected. Feel about your ambitions. Feel about your environment. It is amazing to see how friendships and Love can be insurmountable only by letting your feelings out. But, we rarely do this. So when we are close to that break up – we bleed from inside but still don’t say how we feel.

Next time when you are hurting from a break up, think about these reasons rather than – Why me? Here is the powerful opportunity for you see your past relationships in a different light. Don’t give up. Take the cue and move forward. To new Best friends. To New Love

Media Jual Beli Online Dari Hp – Shopee Review

Maraknya bisnis jual beli online saat ini sangat membantu para penjual untuk mendapatkan lebih banyak order dari berbagai kota di Indonesia bahkan sampai luar negeri, dan sangat membantu juga untuk orang-orang yang membutuhkan barang tersebut tetapi tidak tersedia atau susah didapatkan di kotanya. Namun sayangnya masih banyak kendala bagi penjual untuk memajang barang dagangannya di internet, seperti tidak mengerti cara membuat website, tidak paham memasang gambar-gambar barang jualan biar bisa online di internet, tidak punya komputer, tidak mengerti bagaimana mendapatkan pembeli di internet.

Nah sekarang ada lagi media jual beli online yang mudah sekali digunakan, cukup dari handphone Android, pengguna hp android sudah sekian puluh juta di Indonesia dan sebagian besar sudah bisa akses online dengan paket datanya. Cukup dengan instal aplikasi Android yang sudah disediakan ini di hapenya, daftar dan seting nama toko, alamat, nomer telepon, upload gambar-gambar langsung dari hape saja, selain itu asiknya aplikasi ini Gratis ! alias ngga bayar lah plus dapat voucher bonus Rp. 50.000 untuk belanja saat pertama kali mendaftar.

Instal & Daftar disini (buka dari hape Android ya)

Media Jual Beli Online Dari Hp - Shopee Review


Cara seting toko online Shopee di Android

  1. klik link aplikasi ini dari hape android –> Shopee
  2. klik link Akun Saya – Daftar dibagian atas, masukan email dan password serta username yang anda inginkan untuk nama toko anda.
  3. Saat pertama kali mendaftar anda dapat langsung dapat notifikasi bonus voucher Rp. 50.000 yang bisa digunakan untuk diskon berbelanja di Shopee. Jangan lupa klik link verifikasi yang dikirim ke email anda.

voucher bonus Rp. 50.000 untuk belanja saat pertama kali mendaftar

4. Tampilan akun seperti gambar dibawah ini, sudah lengkap dengan menu-menu yang mendukung

akun shopee lengkap dengan menu-menu yang mendukung

Untuk seting toko online anda, klik menu Akun Saya, kemudian akan muncul halaman baru untuk mengisi data toko seperti nomer telepon, email, akun-akun di social media agar bisa langsung share jualan disana, serta alamat untuk data lokasi toko/rumah anda sebagai kota pengiriman barang.

halaman untuk mengisi data toko seperti nomer telepon, email, akun-akun di social media

Untuk memasukan produk, klik gambar tanda tambah (+) dibagian bawah kanan, kemudian akan muncul pilihan apakah gambar akan diupload langsung dari kamera hape, dari Instagram, atau dari galeri gambar yang sudah disimpan di hape anda.

pilihan apakah gambar akan diupload langsung dari kamera hape, dari Instagram, atau dari galeri gambar yang sudah disimpan di hape

Fitur upload foto dilengkapi dengan editor gambar seperti di Instagram, seperti pilihan skema warna, adjustment seting cahaya, kekontrasan, cutting, dll.

menu upload gambar dengan pilihan skema warna, adjustment seting cahaya, kekontrasan, cutting

Setelah gambar diupload, akan muncul pengaturan kategori dan deskripsi barang, harga, jumlah stok, merk, kondisi barang, dan pengaturan lamanya barang bisa siap dikirim. Juga pilihan sharing ke social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram yang telah anda atur agar terkoneksi dengan akun Shopee.

pengaturan deskripsi barang, harga, jumlah stok, merk, kondisi barang, dan pengaturan lamanya barang bisa siap dikirim

Halaman selanjutnya adalah pengaturan cara pembayaran pembeli, disini ada pilihan Transfer Bank dan Atur Sendiri.

pilihan pembayaran Transfer Bank dan Atur Sendiri


Opsi Transfer Bank, dimaksudkan agar nantinya pembeli membayar ke rekening milik Shopee terlebih dahulu, dan uang akan disimpan oleh Shopee sampai barang diterima ditujuan. Opsi ini mempunyai nilai plus bagi pembeli jika penjual menggunakannya, karena ada garansi dari Shopee apabila barang tidak dikirim oleh penjual maka uang akan dikembalikan oleh Shopee, hal ini akan membuat pembeli merasa percaya dan aman berbelanja. Dari sisi penjual harus mengerti dan mempertimbangkan bahwa modal akan tertahan sampai barang diterima pembeli, yang kemungkinan bisa memakan waktu 2 hari sampai satu minggu tergantung jauhnya pengiriman barang ke alamat pembeli.

Opsi Penjual-Pembeli Atur Sendiri, dimaksudkan agar penjual dan pembeli melakukan diskusi, nego dan pembayaran langsung ke rekening penjual, hal ini menguntungkan penjual karena modal dan profit akan langsung diterima namun dari sisi pembeli ada kemungkinan ada rasa kurang aman kecuali toko anda sudah ada banyak penjualan dan favorit yang bisa dilihat di skor masing-masing toko.

Pilih opsi pembayaran ini sesuai pertimbangan anda.

Ada pengaturan notifikasi juga di akun Shopee anda, seperti pemberitahuan langsung saat ada aktifitas di toko anda, chat diskusi dari calon pembeli, peringatan stok habis, dan pemberitahuan ketika ada yang baru di kotak aksi. Centang notifikasi ini agar anda dapat cepat merespon calon pembeli.

pemberitahuan langsung saat ada aktifitas di toko anda, chat diskusi dari calon pembeli, peringatan stok habis, dan pemberitahuan ketika ada yang baru di kotak aksi

Demikian dengan mudahnya anda sudah memiliki toko online yang bisa segera anda gunakan untuk jual beli di internet. Sebarkan di BBM, status social media atau link langsung nama toko anda di Shopee ke publik.

Tunggu apalagi segera Instal & Daftar disini (buka dari hape Android)

Kelemahan Shopee saat ini, yang semoga ada peningkatan nantinya, adalah tidak adanya opsi pilihan pengiriman beserta ongkos kirimnya, sehingga anda harus mengatur harga barang sudah termasuk dengan ongkos kirim. Yang agak rancu disini yaitu kota yang berbeda akan berbeda juga ongkos kirimnya, jika kita memasukan harga asli dan penambahan ongkos kirim Rp.20.000 misalnya, tetapi buyer anda berada di propinsi yang berbeda tentunya ongkos kirim akan lebih mahal. Kekurangan ini diimbangi oleh Shopee dengan fitur Chat dimana pembeli bisa nego harga dengan penjual dan perhitungan ulang ongkos kirim sesuai kota tujuan. Untuk mengantisipasi pembeli langsung melakukan checkout tanpa nego padahal tujuannya adalah kota yang jauh dari lokasi anda, pilih opsi pembayaran yang di atur sendiri antara penjual-pembeli seperti yang telah dijelaskan diatas.

Amankan dan pilih nama toko anda segera, Instal & Daftar disini (buka dari hape Android)



The Graph 2.0: Overview

THE GRAPH 2.0 addon extension

Apa itu the graph?

The Graph adalah sebuah tool yang di install di browser untuk mozilla firefox dan google chrome,

Berfungsi untuk memudahkan kita melakukan pencarian menggunakan Facebook graph search.

Dengan the graph 2.0 kita bisa mencari

– people
– stories
– groups
– pages
– places
– dan apps

dengan sangat mudah…

tanpa harus menghafal dan mengetik kata kunci pencarian yang panjang lebar dan rumit itu grin emoticon

Sehingga dengan menggunakan the graph, kita bisa melakukan riset pemasaran dengan terbatas, dengan cepat dan mudah.

dalam hitungan detik kita bisa :

– menemukan viral post, video, photo, artikel dsb
– menemukan best selling produk di teespring, viralstyle, amazon, dsb
– membongkar strategi marketing kompetitor di Facebook
– mencari orang2 yg membutuhkan produk kita
– mencari jurnalis untuk menulis press rilis produk kita
– riset kompetitor untuk local business (bisnis offline)
– dan masih banyak lagi

Desain nya pun di sesuaikan dengan desain Facebook,

sehingga benar2 sehingga tidak terasa perbedaan “experience” ketika menggunakan the graph di Facebook.

Banyak banget yg nanya “apa beda nya TG 1 sama TG 2”?

Daripada saya jawab pake tulisan, mending di lihat sendiri penampakan nya di video di bawah ini. grin emoticon

The Graph 2 di rilis tanggal 3 Agustus 2015, jam 12.00

Daftar waiting list disini : Daftar The Graph

– Gratis untuk yg udah punya versi 1
– Diskon 50% untuk yang belum punya versi 1 (sampai 7 Agustus 2015)
Kupon Kode : RIVERMAYA


– The Graph adalah sebuah software yg mempermudah pencarian di Facebook. Mirip Google tapi untuk mencari data di Facebook.

– Pake fitur bawaan Facebook pun bisa (asal hafal semua kata kuncinya) the graph hanya mempermudah dan mempercepat.

– Sehingga kita mendapatkan INFORMASI atau INSIGHT yang bisa kita gunakan sebagai landasan untuk menyusun strategi marketing kita di Facebook.

– Karena Informasi adalah segalanya. KEMAMPUAN dan KECEPATAN dalam menggali informasi memberikan kita keuntungan 1 langkah di depan kompetitor.

– Potensi penggunaan nya sendiri tak terbatas. Beberapa sudah di jelaskan di website, dan beberapa akan di update di group.